Friday, January 29, 2010

Other account

There's an account by the name of "" that I made in 2006 that's no longer functional.... I forgot my password. So don't add that one, add this one. :3


This is a painted version of one of the sketches I did below. It was a quick test to learn how to digitally paint a little better and proper use of textures. Still working on it, but I like her enough and I'll probably doodle her a lot more.

Thar's the zombie sketch.

I'm really bad about drawing the same face over and over and over again, so this was a study on different face shapes. I like the last one a LOT. Someone pointed out that they look like Twilight characters. That's cool, but no. Not my intention at ALL.

Pokemon kick a while ago. I'm on one right now, so you'll probably see some of those silly pokeman sketches pretty soon.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


I've FINALLY decided to post some sketches. I've been going to a local coffee shop almost every day since I've been back in SF just to draw and digitally paint, but today I got really discouraged. I spent almost 4 hours painting something and I absolutely hate it. I need to take a break and remember that I do know how to draw. I drew these all with graphite and pen and edited them a little in PS for tone. These are pretty old... I'm starting from about a year or so ago.