Thursday, March 17, 2011

quick studies

My painting has improved quite a bit since I last updated I think. And it's all thanks to quick studies. Unfortunately I had really bad lighting while I was taking some of these. Hopefully you won't be able to tell the difference.

our ikea lights


i like this one a lot

and this one too

i'm kind of in love with landscapes too

my grandma's farm in north dakota

my peeps at sagebrush the day it snowed.

the feet of pinback

and Hank. Great Job!


this semester stuff (so many pictures)

Last post was last semester, this one is all stuff from my character design class so far from this semester! We do a lot of drawings to practice getting animated characters down quickly and sich. It was hard choosing these very select few out of the hundreds of drawings I have. But sorry if it seems like an overload. Enjoy if you can!

Simple warmup sketches. I love Matt, he's the best model for good rhythm poses.

I love cowboys

pierre with a beehive hat and a tutu(what)

beginning pose for a sequence of 7 poses

claudio being an awesome pirate

turned claudio into tinkerbell...

shadow shapes are my favorite shapes

cute nerdy girl

i love the archer one


starting to work with film ratios. I'm starting to like it too. Storyboarding in my future perhaps?

haha this one is funny

these are my FAVORITE.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

last semester

Here's a bunch of stuff from last semester I never got around to putting up here. Most is from Clothed figure 2, and there's 3 or so watercolors from Illustration 2.

This is the one I was proud of that I did at the costume carnival last semester/year. I love me some pastels.

These are from Bill's class.

he... told us to put a rake through the model. So I did.

And then he just lied awkwardly in this chair and told us to draw him through the chair.


I'm a fan of this one.

"Don't drink the Romulan Ale. No really, just... don't."


Bill holding a heater in ridiculous different positions.

I was kinda really into foxes (maned wolves) at this time. So here's some character development of my voodoo wolf.

in class spot illustration of a fable. Can you guess what this one is?

Portrait assignment.