Saturday, February 27, 2010


Here are some still lives that I've done in the past year. I'm slowly learning a technique that I'm comfortable with, I'd have to say all of these are studies. I used a technique that was inbetween dry and wet that looks pretty smooth, but towards the end of these I had more of a wet technique. Sadly, some of my paintings are at home with the family so I didn't have a chance to scan them in and share. I will one day.

I think I gave this one to my Grandma for Christmas. Good times. On a 11x14 canvas.

WOO METAL, that doesn't really look like metal because I used so much blue. Oh well. 11x14

Glass, my favorite. The idea of this one was 'brandy and cigarettes washed down with a coke'. A very pessimistic painting, heh. 18x24

This is one of my favorites for sure. I used a wood panel rather than canvas, and I really liked the smooth texture. 9x12

And this one I did this year. My first assignment for 'figure painting', oh boy. 14x17


Just one of those bad days I needed to pretend I was as relaxed as this girl, so I drew it out.

And more relaxation methods,

DOGS. And a peacock.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Here are some more finished ones I liked from last semester.

Would you just look at this man's bum? Yes it is a man. With a very sculpted everything.

This is the same guy but from the front. Perfect features. I couldn't even come close to doing him justice. That's my goal to one day draw Kurt perfectly and hang it in my room. :3

This is probably one of my favorite pen drawings I've done. We had about an hour to finish it, so I tried to take my time.

And here's my final project for Intermediate Figure Drawing..... The fantasy portrait! I had so much fun with this, as you can probably tell. I researched a lot of anatomy to separate the face correctly and I looked up some bird skulls. It's me as a zombie. :B

This was another one of my pen drawings I really liked. I didn't really like the model that much so I just used the pose as a reference and changed a few things.

And now that that's over *whew* I'll be posting stuff from this semester, yay.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Just then

Looking at my arts made me want to draw a little. I've felt so crappy lately I haven't really had energy to do anything but sleep, drink tea, and look at the computer screen. I just drew out an avatar for myself to use on forums and stuff. It might not be exactly what I want yet or as coherent as I want, but oh well. Here's the big version!


Getting closer to current events now. These are all from last semester. Experimenting with graphite, ball point pen, and ink pen. I felt quite a bit of improvement from 3rd semester to 4th. Just letting all the information sit over summer did some good for me I suppose.

I love Bob. He has the best shapes. And those hippie glasses are just so classic.

Lloyd. Did this one with a mechanical pencil. Pretty tedious, but I like the sketchy effect.

Graphite pencil I think?

These are some of my favorite gestures I've ever done. 5 minutes. I'm so proud of the line quality, I wish I could achieve that more often.

I don't know who she was but she always looked so sad. Very androgynous looking too. She was a good model.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Blah blahb lah

A sketch of one of my characters. I never usually try to draw realistic faces from memory, but that day was just one of those days. This one's recent, I felt like after all of these silly messy sketches from years ago, you have to at least have a peek at how I'm doing now.

My beloved druid Katzi. I have a ton of WoW sketches.... but I'll spare you. :P This one's my favorite mostly because of the colors.
And now on to more school stuff.

I sketched these sculptures by Rodin at the Legion of Honor last year. I love that sculpture of "The Kiss" and I've always wanted to draw it. It's based off of a circle of hell in Dante's Inferno. Pretty intense stuff.

This was sometime shortly after I was learning how to get better at line quality and gesture. You'll start to see my improvements pretty soon. These are the last of my Anatomy class and next post will be my Intermediate Figure drawing!

HERE HAVE A PAINTING! I'll start posting one of these too.... From my still life painting class. There's kind of a crappy glare on it, but you get the gist of it, right? Oh and.... *whispers* if you know anyone that wants a simple painting like this hanging in their house somewhere, I'm willing to take time out of my busy week and be paid a moderate amount to paint one, or sell one of the ones I already have. *wink wink nudge nudge*


Monday, February 1, 2010


Here, have a painting today :) I'm pretty proud of this one. It was the first time I actually tried to figure out how to digitally paint correctly. I'm quite a bit better now if I do say so myself, but I'm pretty proud of this attempt. This is a character I made and did NOT stick with, unfortunately. It was based off of this adorable asian girl I saw on the bus. I may do something with her (whom I named Jaqueline) in the future. Enjoy!

P.S. If you want to find these bigger for whatever reason, go to my DeviantArt! It's on the right side of this page. :p



I really liked this one. I love child's pose.

This one is pretty messy, but I liked the concept. :3

And this is my favorite model: Bob. He has the best shapes.

All these ones were done 2 semesters ago. I picked a few faves. Enjoy.