Saturday, July 10, 2010

It's too foggy right now

So here are a few things I've done since my last update. Mostly pen, and a few other things.

And to start off, here's Omari. With a cool little warp that the scanner made. He sits up so straight, it's awesome.

Johnny :D

Brie, Chantal, Kevin, Monika, and that demented little cow thing

And this, folks.... is what happens when a cat sits on the scanner.

And here's a work in progress of my part of the villain project. :B
Just lettin' you guys know I'm still in.


KI-KE said...

Justin D is awesome. Love it. See you wednesday i hope..

Jenni Williams said...

Justin D? And what's on Wednesday that I don't know about?!

Johnny :D said...

I love the koji butt scan. You should do a series of them. No Joke.

Ricky Cometa said...

nice sketches and awesome villain! i can't wait to see it finish

sweet kitty butt too!

KI-KE said...

Wednesday is Z's workshop. Remember? Sorry for the late reply.

neiko said...

i like the sketches of your friend john and your digital painting is looking good!!!!!

radiocat said...

post, guerrero, post!

Michi Rezin said...

Hey Jenni,

love your blog! So fun checking it out.