Sunday, May 15, 2011

Moving Pictures, WHAT?

These are sequence drawings put together in photoshoops. This is a pretty new concept to me but I think I'm getting the hang of it. All the stuff in this post is homework/studio work from my Character Design for Cartoons class. (You'll have to open up the second 2 gifs in a new window, for whatever reason they refuse to fit on this page)

OH, and another one:


I'm pretty happy with 'em. Whadda you say?
*edit* update with one more


And here's my warrior Shin turning around and being cute. I'll put up the character sheets for him soon. And those of a few other characters. Stay tuned.


Brie said...

Why'd she kill the bird?! D:

I like em nice job

Anonymous said...

IS this your blog!? lol I like shin. =)

-Tyler Allen

Jenni Williams said...

YES IT IS TYLER also thanks

Vi Pham said...

These are so cool. I especially like the last character, haha

Ricky Cometa said...

lol this is soooo dope!

Mister-Charles-Lister said...

the bird was due.
yeeeaaaauuuhhhh.... diggin itz.

jLou said...

Hahah pretty cool I say :D Lookin forward to more .gif ;)