Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dominoes (work in progress)

Since I came up with the design for it, I figure I should post it on my art blog! Lucky for potential employers it's on my upper arm.... easily covered up! So here's a quick blurb about it if you're interested.

This tattoo isn’t so much a representation, but a rosetta stone of what’s most important to me. Read on to learn a brief piece of my story.

First off, I was an only adopted child for the first 19 years of my life. Over the next two years I moved out, got curious and connected with my bio-dad’s family in Ventura/Camarillo (thanks to internet research) and much more recently my bio-mom’s side in Arizona (thanks to facebook!). I now have two half sisters I visit frequently and an awesome and huge extended family to still get to know.

The first three dominoes “say” 06/14/90 (me), second 01/11/62(mom), and the third (though wonky for design purposes) 02/09/51(dad). My mom hasn’t been taking the “finding myself” thing so well, and no matter how much I tell her I love her, she feels like I’m slipping away. This is my way of showing her that I’m willing to go through pain to inscribe how important she is into my arm. When I was a little tyke my dad and I used to set up domino labyrinths in the garage. He will surely hate that I got another tattoo, but I’m sure he’ll shed a tear or two when I share the concept with him.

Check back after this month and it will be cleaned up and beautiful! Justin would kill me if I didn't say that. Thanks for listening. :)

designed by: yours truly, edited by nick ross + justin davis

tattoo artist: J.D.


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