Tuesday, March 15, 2011

last semester

Here's a bunch of stuff from last semester I never got around to putting up here. Most is from Clothed figure 2, and there's 3 or so watercolors from Illustration 2.

This is the one I was proud of that I did at the costume carnival last semester/year. I love me some pastels.

These are from Bill's class.

he... told us to put a rake through the model. So I did.

And then he just lied awkwardly in this chair and told us to draw him through the chair.


I'm a fan of this one.

"Don't drink the Romulan Ale. No really, just... don't."


Bill holding a heater in ridiculous different positions.

I was kinda really into foxes (maned wolves) at this time. So here's some character development of my voodoo wolf.

in class spot illustration of a fable. Can you guess what this one is?

Portrait assignment.


ScotlandBarnes said...

Really love the fox sketches Jenni! They look awesome!

Sarahjane said...

GOOD WORK SIR. Still love your foxes a stupid amount. Please put them on our wall.