Thursday, February 25, 2010


Here are some more finished ones I liked from last semester.

Would you just look at this man's bum? Yes it is a man. With a very sculpted everything.

This is the same guy but from the front. Perfect features. I couldn't even come close to doing him justice. That's my goal to one day draw Kurt perfectly and hang it in my room. :3

This is probably one of my favorite pen drawings I've done. We had about an hour to finish it, so I tried to take my time.

And here's my final project for Intermediate Figure Drawing..... The fantasy portrait! I had so much fun with this, as you can probably tell. I researched a lot of anatomy to separate the face correctly and I looked up some bird skulls. It's me as a zombie. :B

This was another one of my pen drawings I really liked. I didn't really like the model that much so I just used the pose as a reference and changed a few things.

And now that that's over *whew* I'll be posting stuff from this semester, yay.

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Joey the Destroyer said...

I absolutely love your zombie. Yes.