Saturday, February 27, 2010


Here are some still lives that I've done in the past year. I'm slowly learning a technique that I'm comfortable with, I'd have to say all of these are studies. I used a technique that was inbetween dry and wet that looks pretty smooth, but towards the end of these I had more of a wet technique. Sadly, some of my paintings are at home with the family so I didn't have a chance to scan them in and share. I will one day.

I think I gave this one to my Grandma for Christmas. Good times. On a 11x14 canvas.

WOO METAL, that doesn't really look like metal because I used so much blue. Oh well. 11x14

Glass, my favorite. The idea of this one was 'brandy and cigarettes washed down with a coke'. A very pessimistic painting, heh. 18x24

This is one of my favorites for sure. I used a wood panel rather than canvas, and I really liked the smooth texture. 9x12

And this one I did this year. My first assignment for 'figure painting', oh boy. 14x17

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KI-KE said...

Nice glass paintings Jenni