Sunday, April 25, 2010


Oh hello there peoples. Some more arts I did this week.

3 minute quickstudies.

20 minute reclining pose study

30 minute exercise on perspective and angles

Another 20 minute reclining study

And this one is a 2 week painting exploring a new technique. First week was only monochromatic using turp to pull out whites and linseed oil and liquin to keep the paint wet and sketchy. I wish I had a picture of it from the first week, it looked like a charcoal drawing. Second week was just glazing over with color and painting more opaquely. I really like the way it came out. :)


Ricky Cometa said...

niiiiccceee! great atudies, i like foreshortening laying down person.. it's very well drawn and i feel a tiny bit of gronbukt in it.. eww i never thought id say that, but i meant it in a good way lol... keep on dishin em' out!

.Louaye. said...

I love your quick poses!. When are you going to post the pens ones?

KI-KE said...

Really digging the lines on the perspective piece. Good improvement this semester. Look forward to what Jenni will bust out with over the break. Take care and see ya.

Jenni Williams said...

Thanks guys!

Ricky- well, I've learned SO much from Thomas, I suppose my style is a little similar. Also he really liked that one... :D

Louaye- thanks, I'll post the pen ones pretty soon, once I get my computer back from the shop :)

Kike- thanks, man! I'm pumped for what is to come this summer :)