Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Just an update full of heads. So many heads lately. Oh just wait until I update my heads and hands sketchbook at the end of the semester. 100 heads and 100 hands! But for now, just a few.

This first one is kind of an edit/update because I fixed the painting of Deirdra a little bit after critique. Made her look less "grossed out", gave her head more mass and filled out her face and neck a little more. I think it looks a bit more like her now.

And here's a bunch of 5 minute drawings from Clothed Figure.

I think this one was 10 minutes. We were supposed to be looking up at the figure but some of my proportions are a little silly on this one.

And then this one was a self portrait for Heads and Hands. Worked on from a mirror.


Renard said...

very nice drawings, I actully like the one looking up a lot, I don't think it's weird :)

Like the self portrait too!!!

Ricky Cometa said...

i agree, the comments above! very nice self portrait